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Every year as the leaves change color, I’ve always found this pond in my hometown to be quite picturesque. Even though it looks man-made, this pond is actually naturally-occurring. A recent much-needed dredging and improvement project has really made this special place in Milford, Connecticut a truly wonderful place to spend some time.

I’ve been meaning to photographic this place for years however, as it’s on one of my normal commuting routes, I always seemed to forget my camera and think “ah, I’ll get it next time.” I finally remembered to throw the Canon in the car and was lucky enough to have a beautiful day to stop and take these shots.

This panorama is a composite of 6 separate images merged together to get the full view of the area.
I hope you enjoy. 


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After a relatively strong nor’easter here in Connecticut this weekend, some areas officially have more leaves on the ground than on the trees. I think these grounded leaves are just as beautiful, whether they’re forming a colorful blanket on the lawn, sweeping across a winding walkway, or filling up a small stream – as they are here. Autumn may not be my personal favorite season. But, it’s a close second.



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Living in a beach community, I seldom make it a point to travel inland just to take a look around. I’m drawn to the water. Always have been and, barring some cataclysmic event where I barely swim out alive, I’m pretty sure I always will be.

But, there’s something to be said about the peach, quiet and solitude of the woods. It truly is a great place to retreat, collect ones thoughts, and simply just look around. And, in the Autumn, even more so. I enjoyed just pointing my camera and looking around today. I hope you enjoy looking around this and the forthcoming photos, too.


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“Well I’m a tidal pool explorer From the days of my misspent youth.” – Jimmy Buffett

I’ve always loved the shapes created in the sand by the outgoing tide. The lines are smooth and harmonious, like a great sea-inspired song.



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I’m a warm weather guy, no doubt about it. However, some of the best shoreline shooting here in my area of Connecticut happens around this time of year. The combination of lower sun angles earlier in the day along with where the sun starts to line up with the horizon/landscape around here just makes for better photos. I guess I’ll have to keep bundling up.



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Those of us living in New England having been longing for warmer weather for quite some time now.  Sure, we’re accustomed to the occasional chilly start to spring, but this season has been particularly tempurature-temperamental, if you will. From mid-March blizzards to the occasional spring-like tease I, for one, am thrilled that we’re making our return to warmer and more predictable temperatures.

Below is a photo that always reminds me of the just warming, early spring, late afternoon glow. I found this one while doing a bit of photo file archiving and thought it was timely; given that I’m in such a warm mood.

I hope you enjoy.


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It’s been quite some time since I’ve had an update here. Lots of ups & downs lately have resulted in a long time spent away from the camera. But, I’m back behind the lens and loving it more than ever. This photo was shot at Silver Sands State Park in my hometown of Milford, Connecticut. For anyone in the area, it’s a great free (for now) park to visit in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Okay, Winter too, for the truly fearless and well-insulated.

I hope you enjoy…



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It’s been so cold here in New England that I can’t even think of a halfway decent intro to this photo post. So, I’ll just leave some apropos lyrics by the King of Somewhere Hot, Mr. Jimmy Buffett — who, at some point prior to his caribbean coronation, suffed from the same bit of iced-up malaise which is affecting me right now.

Oh, I know
I should be leaving this climate
I got a verse but can’t rhyme it
I gotta go where it’s warm
– Jimmy Buffett, “Boat Drinks”

Warmer temperatures cannot get here soon enough. Stay warm, my friends.


Point Beach – Milford, CT (click for larger version)

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Having a strong preference toward the summer months here in New England, I’d rarely call our recent cold snap “beautiful.” However, when I looked outside this afternoon and found the entire shoreline frozen with a perfectly clear sky as its backdrop, it was impossible to resist the urge to grab my camera. So, I suited up, waded through the 2-plus feet of snow, and heading down to the glacier, er, beach. While I’m still attempting return sensation to my extremities and thaw my frozen tear ducts, I think the experience was worthwhile.




While transitioning to a new calendar year, it’s common to take a look back and reflect on all of the happenings of the past 12-months. Sometimes you reflect on the earth-shattering moments that truly altered your life (good or bad). While, other times you realize it was some of the small, everyday quiet occasions that made the year so enjoyable. Of course, it’s quite another thing to stroll around the city and take notice of the literal reflections we often walk by and take for granted. This pothole caught my eye the other day. The water in it was somehow clean and undisturbed while the broken pavement formed a perfect frame for the reflection of the winter sky above.

Happy New Year to all of my friends and followers. May this year bring your many glorious moments to reflect upon.


Mike Krager Photography

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