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It’s not often in Connecticut that I get to take a relatively warm ride on the last weekend of November. Usually around this time of year, my thoughts turn to fluid changes, battery chargers and everything else that comes with (sadly) putting the bike away for the next few months. But, after a 70 degree ride today, I’m hopeful I can postpone that winter storage just a bit longer!

Image was shot on iPhone 7s Plus. Have I mentioned how much I love this phone!

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As we brace for yet another snowstorm here in the Northeast, it seemed like a great day for a drive!  While it’s always fun to put the car’s all-wheel drive system to work, I’m ready for warmer weather.


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If I had to pick just one season, I’d have to say that Summer is my favorite.  But, Autumn is a very close second.  We’re hitting our “peak” color time for leaves here in Connecticut, which makes for some very scenic drives and wonderful photo backdrops.  I was out for a drive yesterday afternoon and just couldn’t resist pulling over for this quick shot.  Enjoy!


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