2013-mike-krager-photo_headshot_smI’m continually developing my photography skills (yeah, there’s a pun in there) and am learning more every time I pick up the camera. I’m always up for new challenges, both personally and professionally and have an insatiable hunger to always learn as much as possible about any endeavor, whether it’s photography, graphic design, or building a shed in the backyard.  As a graphic designer by trade, I love playing with light and angles in both my photography and design work to create projects that are both stimulating and functional.  I enjoy balancing form and function to create art that is both pleasing to look at, yet provokes thought & conveys a message.

As for my personal interests: I’m extremely active and enjoy playing all sports from volleyball to golf. I’m a die hard Formula 1 racing fan and, as a certified ‘gear head’, I have a deep passion for reading about, photographing, driving, and getting my hands on just about anything with wheels. Also, what seems like forever ago, I raced sailboats and co-directed a program that taught sailing and basic seamanship to teenagers. I still love being on or near the water whenever possible and fully intend to make a return to sailing when life slows down a little.