Building on yesterday’s post, it’s incredible how the colors in the sky change from evening to evening.  Last night, the sky erupted with bright orange, just as the sun dipped below the horizon.  It was such an incredibly intense glow, it seemed almost too bright to look at at times, in contrast to the dark skies behind me.  Hmmm, I’ve been having so much fun taking these shots I think I might sense a daily (nightly) project coming on here.  Stay tuned…

Mike Krager Photography

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The sun setting over the water is something I never get tired of seeing.  It’s absolutely incredible how there’s such a variety of colors from evening to evening, providing a unique scene each & every time.  In an odd contrast, they’re like snowflakes – no two sunsets are completely alike.

Mike Krager Photography


To the regular followers of this blog, my apologies for being MIA lately. Life has been a little crazy lately. But I’m happy to say with warmer weather & life settling down a little comes the urge to get back behind the camera.

Here’s a coastal photo that I’ve recently shot.  I don’t often convert many images to black & white, but this one just speaks so much louder in this format.  It’s title, “Davey Jones’ Locker”, is inspired by the below lyrics of the David Gray song by the same name.  I hope you enjoy.

At the edges, silvery edges
Where the mirror it bends and stretches
Oh the edges of this world
Where the waters crash and curl


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Here’s a photo from Saturday night’s Night Rainbow | Global Rainbow New Haven laser light sculpture. This was a four-night-exhibition that helped kick off the 375th Anniversary celebrations in New Haven, CT.  You can read more about it here. It was super-cool to see these lights projecting across the New Haven skyline. I seriously hope they do this again — I’d love the chance to capture this from (many) more angles!

The lasers projecting from the base of the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument at East Rock Park, New Haven, CT.


They say at the end of every rainbow is a pot o’ gold… or an Irish pub!  Anna Liffey’s, New Haven, CT


Downtown New Haven, CT


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I recently had the great pleasure of shooting this maternity session for Jillian & Dave.  Since they’re keeping the gender of the newest addition to their family a complete surprise, it’s sure to turn things around for them on the day he or she arrives.   Best of luck guys!

View the full gallery here.


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It was a beautifully clear evening last night and as I was driving out of the neighborhood, the sun sank low on the horizon and the sky began bursting with color.  So, I just had to stop and snap this photo.  Two lessons learned from this one, though:  1) I’m glad I always have a tripod in the back of the car  2) Leave earlier next time…  I really wish I could have caught the beginning of this sunset too!

Point Beach, Milford, CT

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